My sweetest Bees, I’m here to fulfill your fashionista needs. I have been a lover of fashion since I was a wee little girl. I always knew all I wanted to do was design beautiful outfits and be a creator. I have trained as a fashion designer in three different continents, in odd environments, and through the craziest times in life. From Chicago, IL, to Paris, France, and in my home base in Houston, TX – no matter where life has taken me, I have always designed and dreamt creating beautiful pieces for lovely ladies. My dedication to fashion is limitless and full of passion and love.

The personality of the Sweet Bee line parallel’s my own personality. I stay true to my style and am never bothered by stranger stares. My fashion motto? Never let the fear of other’s judgment stop you from dressing like a rock star. My life motto? If you want something, go get it; if you want to change something, change it; fear only fear itself; never let failure stop you from sprinting after your dreams like a crazy person.

This girl’s got sass, she’s got fire, this girl’s got a vision, I know for a fact I’m going to light up the world with my desires.